Attract the Right Candidates

MiracleWorkers provides a variety of solutions to get your company in front of job seekers with the skills and experience you're looking for.

Job Branding

With Job Branding, you can be in control of the look and feel of your Job Postings. Choose from a variety of design templates or work with our design services team to create something truly unique.

Featured Employer

Get your logo to appear on a specific niche site's homepage and on it's Featured Employer page.

Company Profile

Give candidates a deeper view of your company culture and personalize the job seeker experience through your unique Company Profile page. With a multitude of media options, you have the opportunity to tell your company's story like never before.

Dynamic Job Recommendations

Dynamic Job Recommendation Emails are customized emails designed to pique the right candidates' interest and drive them back to your job postings.

Recruitment Emails

Targeted campaigns enable employers to connect with candidates directly through emails that are co-branded with one of our niche sites and your client's company logo.

Post N' Attract

Post-N-Attract advertisements give you a unique, targeted way to promote your job opportunities. Present your ads to the right audience and use geographical and industry-specific data to encourage candidates to apply.

To learn more about these offerings, or to purchase these solutions, contact (877) 270-0139 and a representative will assist you.